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Catalog of Products    Nursing Products
Form, Diet Order Slip (package of 100) Form, Diet Order Slip (package of 100)  Ref: DF522

Price:  $10.00

Form, Dietary Record (package of 100) Form, Dietary Record (package of 100)  Ref: DF520

Price:  $25.00

Tray Card, General Diet (package of 100) Tray Card, General Diet (package of 100)  Ref: DF554

Price:  $15.00

Tray Card, Diabetic, Red (package of 100) Tray Card, Diabetic, Red (package of 100)  Ref: DF555

Price:  $15.00

Nursing Assistant Training Manual Nursing Assistant Training Manual  Ref: NATM
This best seller is a practical and easy to understand training manual for the modern nursing assistant.

This complete and detailed training manual was written by healthcare professionals specifically for the nursing assistant involved in long-term and acute care. It is currently being used in all 50 states and includes outlined instructions for over 75 procedures.

These detailed instructions are aided by illustrations, informational charts, and test sections for student practice. The notebook format allows for insertion of class notes and supplemental materials. It is also a great reference source after training is complete!

Over 75 Procedures for Providing Care
Care of Specific Disorders, Including AIDS, Alzheimer's, Diabetes, Cancer, and Heart Disease
Universal Precautions
Resident's Bill of Rights Safe Resident Environment
Safe Lifting/Transfer
Emphasis on Use of Non-Restraints
Psychosocial Concerns
Human Growth and Development Cycle
Spiritual and Religious Needs
Death and Dying
Decubitus Care
Restorative Nursing Care
Medical and Charting Terminology
Vital Signs and Charting
And Much More... 

Price:  $21.95

Food Service Training Manual Food Service Training Manual  Ref: FSTM
Attention all Registered Dietitians, Food Service Directors and Staff Development Coordinators! DakotaTek is pleased to introduce our NEW Food Service Training Manual!

Up-to-date, easy to read and comprehend, this book provides basic standardized training or inservice for food service employees. Use as a reference for current employees or as an ideal training text for new staff. Chapters are followed immediately by a short quiz to enhance the learning process.

To find out if the Food Service Training Manual is the right text for you, please call and ask about our 2-week review!

Purchasing, Receiving and Storage
Standardized Recipes, Portion Control
Food Preparation, Proper Cooking and Holding Practices
Understanding Nutrition
Nutrition and the Elderly
Special Diets that Relate to the Disease Process
Exchange Lists 

Price:  $11.00

Pin, Certified Nursing Assistant Pin, Certified Nursing Assistant  Ref: PM1001

Price:  $5.50

FSTM Answer Sheet FSTM Answer Sheet  Ref: FSTMAS

Price:  $1.00

NATM Answer Set NATM Answer Set  Ref: NATMAS

Price:  $2.00

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